Check the Blinker II
Progress Log


Its a comic!  I now have hundreds of copies of Check the Blinker II ready for distribution and sale.  I guess that's it for this record of the resurection of a comic.  Now buy one already!


OK, the die is cast now.  I've given the go ahead for production of CTB II "Adrift".  Its a sweet little package, but the reproduction of the tone work on the cover doesn't really live up the quality of the original artwork.  There will be a whole lot of them ready to go by this time tomorrow.  Soon the Little Projecta studio will ring to the sounds of Check the Blinker III's creation.


Uh, I am really whacked now.  I put in an all-nighter last night and this morning to get CTB II to the photocopiers in time for Armageddon.  It will be interesting to see the dummy and check out what kind of job I did in such a state.  The cover stock and the paper for the body of the comic will be recycled now.  50% and 100% respectively, so I'm happy I could do that.  This week sees me in transition from one contract to another which allowed me to squeeze in the final tweaks that CTB II needed.  I hope you all like it!


Its getting serious now.  I've been getting quotes for the paper stock etc...  I should be putting it in the hands of the photocopiers this week.  I will probably not release it until Armageddon (10-11 Feb), but I will send it to anyone who orders one as per the "SHOP " page, after the announcement of completion which will appear on this page.


Most of the redrawing is done.  I've started the first of three key tasks, two of them are tone applications to existing work and the third is a map that was intended but not drawn for previous dummy runs.  I've been talking to the few people who have read these earlier incarnations to see if I need to clarify certain story points.  I don't want it to be mysterious in a bad way.


The tone is continuing to be laid down.  I've been surprised at how much it changes the pages involved, but I committed to the process now!  My new domain ( is operating, but is currently merely redirecting traffic to these pages.  A planned re-vamp will have to wait, the comic comes first.


Whoops, its been one month!  I'd best put in a few more regular hours at the drawing board if I'm going to get this out on time.  I've been busy.  Unfortunately not busy working on Check the Blinker, but this weekend I have made a start on the tone part of the rejig.  Its coming along pretty well, at least on an individual panel basis.  I'm not entirely sure how adding spot tone panels will read to you.  I think it is going to add SOMETHING to the experience and I've been wanting to try it for ages, so...


Deadline pressures from my day job have meant that progress hasn't been as swift as a weekend should usually allow, but another page has been seen to.   I'm posting a page from issue two so you can see an example of what's coming.  I've chosen a page that doesn't act as a spoiler for anything really, except maybe your appetite for raw fish. You can see it here .


I'm working my way through the pages of Check the Blinker II putting things right that have been bugging me since it was completed in 1996.   Up until now it has appeared in A4 and B4 sizes, but in tiny numbers, not for sale.  I've "fixed up" 4 pages of the 12 that need it.  After that I have some more work to do which is less about fixing sloppy drawing and more about following my original plan to include some tone work in parts which would benefit from it.  If I could track down a cheapish A3 scanner (that's the size of the originals) I would make more extensive use of tone using digital techniques, but failing that I will happily make a dent in the stockpile of real stuff I bought in Tokyu Hands .  It won't be too much of a struggle to get it ready for Armageddon in Feb.