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This is an easy way for people interested in New Zealand comics
 to keep each other informed about who is drawing what and where to get it.
There is a chance your favourite cartoonist
 and/or mate is already subscribed.

Read on for a more detailed description of the mailing lists.



The Black River Digital Mailing List is a mildly moderated.
It is host to many discussions on a wide range of subjects
relating to the creation, production and marketing of comics in New Zealand.
If you wish to join you can do so by using the form at the bottom of this page
or by browsing to the Yahoo BRD Mailing List page.
The Yahoo Group page is here


The Black River Digital Mailing list FAQ

Promotion of  new work by New Zealand cartoonists is encouraged.  Discussion about any and all issues related to the production of comics is also smiled upon.  In fact, any comic or cartoonist related list traffic is just dandy, and need not revolve solely around New Zealand comics.  After all no comic nation is an island... well, O.K... so we are living on islands.  But you get the idea.

In order to allow other subscribers to pick and choose more efficiently what they want to read we draw your attention to these subject line tags, the use of which is recommended.

[INTRO] - used to introduce new members to the list.
[ADMIN] - These messages will come from Little Projecta regarding list matters.
[HYPE] - indicates list members promoting their own or others work.
[SALE] - buying and selling NZ comics 
[REVIEW] - for reviews.
[META] - public discussion of the way the list functions

The main concept behind the creation of the list is to foster communication among New Zealand cartoonists.   Communication takes many forms.  However, subscribers engaging in personal  attacks will receive two warnings and on the third instance be prevented from posting for an indefinite period.   Persistent posting of one line and off topic posts is advised against and may result in suspension of posting rights or other nastiness.

Subscribers are advised that attachments are stripped from any mail sent to the lists.  If you wish to share a file either post a link to the relevant site or upload a file to the file area on the BRD Yahoogroups page.

That's all so far.  Mail any queries to me.  Lars Cawley.

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