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Some comics are born, not with a silver spoon in their mouth, but with a  rusty fork.  They use this to pry open the mind's cupboards, scrabble  around and get a feeling out of you that had been hidden since the handle  broke of all those years ago.

Here's where you can find producers just such comics.





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A wild ride from an energetic collection   of true New Zealand innovators.  Including Glen Stewart, Stefan and Indira Neville, Clayton Noone etc...
You thought they didn't make 'em like they used to?
Its true, they make 'em so much better!

Oatz Comics



The online repositiory of information about the many works
of Dylan Horrocks such as Pickle, Hicksville , Atlas and numerous others.  Readers both new and old will be amazed by the depth of this site.  Could this be the hardest working      
  man in New Zealand comics?  We think so.

The Comicbook Factory

Karl Wills.  Finely rendered, amusing and macabre. 
The Comicbook Factory is back, with bells on. Scary bells.

The Comicbook Factory

Little Projecta Studio

Lars Cawley's newly redesigned site. Featuring comics from back in the day, an interview with a Japanese editor and an account of recent actvity. Anyone who has  read his Check the Blinker may be interested to note that the second  issue is finally available.

Little Projecta Strips

Ant Sang

Ant Sang has taken time out from   producing his 270 page epic comic Dharma Punks (the first issue is out in April 2001!) and producing spiffy illustration art for New Zealand magazines in order to create an online presence for his works.

The least you can do is have look!

Darren Shroeder's comic resources

Home of the Bibliography of New Zealand Comics, 
archive of Ruthless Reviews and the NZ Comic Register

Speech Balloon

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