Black River Digital
compendium of
New Zealand Comics of 2000
All addresses within New Zealand unless otherwise stated.
This list collects all the data we could obtain about comics by 
New Zealanders authors/artists from the beginning of 2000 until Feb. 2001
 Adams, Simon
Mobiustrip 3, $3.00 A5 PO. Box 11283
Allan, Paul
The Them 6-7, A4 Check here for availablity. 
Analecta Productions
Rogue 5-6,  $3,  A5 32 ? 40 page anthology.The Cartoonist 5-9, newsletter, free from selected retail outlets or available for $5 for 6 issues delivered to your door. PO. Box 13335
Cawley, Lars
Check the Blinker II, "Adrift" $7,  A4 36 pages
Gusto's tale continues.
Little Projecta Comics
33 Bentleigh Avenue
New Windsor
Clunie, Moira
Life Sucks, $1, 5 x A8 mini minis. PO. Box 7754,
Wellesley street,
Ellison, Anthony
Manrocket, $6, A5 digest, 24 pages. PO Box 66-114,
Funtime Comics
Funtime Comics 14  "Edenic Gad", $3.00, A5 digest, 36 page anthology.
The usual Funtime mixed bag.  Highlights include The Dude Comix (Angus Wrigley), Pinus Radiation (Peter Johnstone) and Raising Kane (Jason Winter)
C/O 12 Hoani Street, 
Horrocks, Dylan
NGA PAKIWAITUHI O AOTEAROA: NEW ZEALAND COMICS (revised edition): 100 pg booklet
PICKLE 9, A5, 28 pgs
PICKLE 10,  A5, 36 pgs
THREE TIJUANA BIBLES -'The First Time,' 'He Brings You' and 'One Night.'3 X A6 landscape format 8 pgs
THE NAMES OF MAGIC #1 - 2 (as writer; art by Richard Case) (Vertigo/DC Comics, 2000-2001)
For more info on work published in anthologies etc, check out Dylan's extensive website.
P.O. Box 37
Maraetai Beach
Auckland 1730
Jamieson, Adam
Sticks & Stones, $3, A5 Digest, 20 pages PO Box 5722
Wellesley St.
Merrit, James
Disgraceland 3-4, A5 $2 ? $2.50
The New Losers, A5 $2
The New New Losers, A5 $2
Kung Fu Love Comics, A6 $1
The Cats Are Evolving, A6 $1
Ph:358 5013
C/O Cornelius Stone
67 Scanlan St.
Molloy, Martin
Season to Taste 1-3, $3 A5 24 pages.
Bloodface*, $2
*reprinted in STT # 3
PO. Box 11200
Molloy, Tim
The Death of Autumn, $2, A5 24 pages. 212 Sandringham St 
Morris, Toby
The Droid You're Looking For, $3 A4 Digest, 28 pages.
Chicken is Champ 3-4, $2 ? $2.50, A5 Digest, 24 pages
Can't Find Jacob, $3.50, A5 Landscape, 28 pages with A4 fold outs.
PO. Box 11200
Neville, Indira
Nice Gravy 10, $2.00 A5 digest
Nice Gravy 11, $2.00 A5 digest
Pick Pick (with brother, Stefan)
Oats Comics
C/O 3/55 Walters Rd.
Mt Eden
Neville, Stefan
Theres a dragon in the ceiling, (with Clayton Noone) the collected city of tales volume 3. $5
Pick Pick, $3.00 mini with wooden cover.
As above or from
Noone, Clayton
Theres a dragon in the ceiling, (with Stefan Neville) the collected city of tales volume 3. $5 Available from Stefan @
Seaville, Steve
Eel Man Comics "Earth Wrath" 2,  7 page story, A5 digest.
An ambitious story packed with many elements.  Distopia a go go!
Eel Man Publications
166 Seddon Street
Schroeder, Darren
Mopy 3 ? 4, single A4 folded to A6 size. Free to anyone who sends a postcard.
A personal project from this Chrischurch comics scene dynamo.
C/O 12 Haoni Street
The Surreality Company
Random Licks, $2, A4 157 Chester St east
Upchurch, Nigel
The Hard Way Out, $1.50, A5 212 Sandringham St 
Wills, Karl
The ComicBook Factory Funnies #2, $4.00,  24 page A5 digest Karl Wills; The ComicBook Factory; 
Po Box 105-278; Auckland